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Thoughts for Breakfast

Our menu is constantly growing and at times we may ask you to be a part of an experiment or new recipe. We also accomodate special breakfast needs.

Covid has been a true *(*&^^ in the ^&%$#%).  We have changed things a bit.  We are using the table near the windows for breakfast instead of the counter.

We call it the Covid Corner and we are having people eat breakfast at different times.  This is such a bummer as a memory we have is the two couples from Italy who didn't know each other before they got here spent two mornings ignoring us, speaking Italian, and making plans to spend time together in Homer.  Great memories. 

We have also purchased a machine that makes HOCl that we use to disinfect surfaces.  


  • Coffee

  • Tea 

  • Milk 

  • Juice

  • At times homemade juice

  • Also at times fruit smoothies


  • We do Individual personalized omelets

  • We can also do our best to make eggs to your wishes, although Mike might require your help.

  • We do sourdough pancakes, waffles and bread served with real maple syrup and our orange-honey sauce we stole from two different recipes.

  • We do salmon croquettes (based on availability)

  • We have fruit daily

  • We do potato casserole

  • We do homestyle potatoes

  • We do bacon, etc.... and now Sunshine House home ground sausage.  We make a lot of chicken sausage as many people do not do pork.

  • We can do eggs benedict. Mike's favorite is the smoked pork.  We smoke the pork loin at Sunshine House.

  • We do other breakfast casseroles

  • Breakfast Sliders

  • Bisquits and gravy made with our sausage

  • Tater Tot Scramble

  • French Toast Casserole

  • Skillet Scrambles

  • Shirred Eggs

We usually like to have some kind of smoked salmon or smoked salmon spread to go along with breakfast.  Yes, we only serve salmon we have smoked at Sunshine House.

We truly believe that if you walk away from breakfast hungry, we did something wrong.

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