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About Us

In 2005, while visiting Seward for the 4th of July and looking for an RV parking spot, we both happened to notice a for sale sign. The real estate agent told us that the garage door was open. We drug our friends through the building that had been built in 1942, survived the '64 earthquake, and had been recently a mortuary. And like two star-crossed lovers we decided that we wanted to share our discovery with other people. 



  • I was born in Florida, moved to California, then Utah, and then first experienced Alaska in 1979.

  • My first job in Alaska was in Seward delivering the Anchorage Daily News from my bicycle while working for my aunt Patty and uncle Jerry.

  • My second job in Alaska was working for the Stantons at the  Seward Trading Company.

  • I graduated from Seward High School.

  • One summer, working in the Frontier Restaurant, for my Uncle Jerry, I met the most incredible woman, Marsha.



  • I was not born in Alaska, but I got here as soon as I could after college.

  • My first job in 1979 was teaching 3rd grade in Emmonak, a village at the end of the Yukon River.

  • 7 years later my daughter, Shamra, and I moved to Seward.

  • One summer, working in the Frontier Restaurant, for Jerry, I met his nephew, Mike.

Who We Are

  • Our son, Daniel Paul, was one of the last children to be born in the Seward hospital 31 years ago.  He currently is a pediatric neurologist at Phoenix Children's Hospital.  He is married to our FAVORITE daughter-in-law ever. 

  • Marsha is retired after teaching 27 years in Alaska in communities such as Emmonak, Aniak, Seward, Seldovia, Nikiski and Kenai.

  • Marsha's daughter lives in Seattle.  Marsha takes every opportunity to fly down and spend time with her grandson, Langston and granddaughter, Aeshel.

  • Mike is a middle school teacher.  He has taught in Seward and Soldotna Middle School. Currently he is at Kenai Middle School with no plans to retire as Marsha spends way too much money.

  • Mike thinks about school all the time and looks forward to August when the kids come back. 

  • Both Marsha and Mike are enjoying meeting new people from all over the globe and learning new things from them.  Having a bed and breakfast has been such a great experience that they did not expect.  We really want to thank their guests for all the wonderful times.

UPDATE:  Unfortunately, Butchie went away on an afternoon in November 2019.  It was time.  It was the first time he didn't feel pain in a while.  So, while he is not here, he is here, if that makes sense.
Special thanks to the Gere family who sent us a watercolor painting of the silly damn dog

To Butchie

Silly damn dog

Are you breathing this morning, this afternoon

Distant past a child chooses

The biggest puppy names him Butch

Butch the Wonder Pooch

Wonder what is in your mind

Played with rocks and screws 

Wiggling tail,  fuzzy face

People at the B and B say, “Where is that famous dog?”

Where will you be soon

Taking space in hearts and minds

Not under feet causing us 

To stumble, curse loving you

Watching you fade like tendrils

Of smoke from a campfire we enjoyed

But we know without a shadow of doubt

Our lives better knowing your silliness

Are you breathing

Will you be tomorrow

Silly damn dog

After two years, we were ready to take the plunge again.  Marsha's hair dresser is big into Kenai Peninsula animal rescue.  We were in Seward for Christmas break when we found out Bush was available.  .  We raced home to Kenai for the paper work and the house visit.  When the lady carried Bush (Yes, that is the name he came with.) we knew we had a new family member.

Last year was an adventure making a new bed and breakfast dog, but now that he is a year old we really look forward to a new season with Bushie Boy.  

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